induction heating energy efficiency

Sustainable products

EFD Induction is dedicated to protecting the environment and fighting against climate change. Through our expertise and technology, we aim to be a partner who can assist and advice our customers on how to make the manufacture and maintenance of metal products a clean and green process.

Performance and KPI's

EFD Induction has established global work group to define KPI's that will enable the company to further improve their constant effort for more efficient and eco-friendly products. 

Work and activites today

EFD Induction is a leader in the development of energy efficient induction heating solutions. The new digital control system, prepared for Industry 4.0, delivers predictive data and insights, enabling the customers to maximize their supply chain and asset performance. 

The launch of the new Compact Weldac tube welder resulted in considerable environmental improvements and significantly reduced running costs with raised efficiency, improved output power and less cooling water requirements. 

Induction technology is eco-friendly and EFD Induction's efficient products ensure rational production and minimal pollution. Reducing the use of energy and GHG emissions while cutting operation costs allow for a sustainable and profitable production.


Targets and ambitions

EFD induction will develop a historical graph to demonstrate our sustainability commitment. 

Given the acceptance from key customers to collect and analyse relevant data, EFD Induction will conduct a customer survey to learn how we may help customers improve their sustainability performance. 

Long-term ambition: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and/or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the products. 


Green opportunities

More energy efficient products and reduced material usage.

Predictive and remote servicing does not only lead to a longer lifetime for the machines, it also reduces the need for travelling.

Cost efficient machines with small footprint saves resources and space.

High efficiency, durable machines ensure lower energy consumption as well as lower GHG emissions.