The right heat for a better world

Induction heating is incredibly fast, accurate, controllable and repeatable. It makes the manufacturing of metal products clean and green. It promotes safe and healthy workplaces. It enables companies to reach their productivity and sustainability goals.

It is a proven technology with a bright future – a way to create heat that contributes to a better world.

Zero emissions. And it has nothing to do with the battery.

The automotive industry is going through a paradigm shift. New powertrains and materials drive the change towards products designed for a circular economy. As induction heating is far more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than other heating alternatives, the technology is growing in importance.

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Virtual Experience

Take a 360° interactive tour in our Virtual Experience. Discover our wide range of induction heating equipment for practically any industrial application.

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EFD Induction Virtual Experience / Showroom

Industry 4.0 has never been hotter

Induction heating plays a vital role in the emerging connected industrial landscape. Concentrated and controllable heat simplifies the manufacturing process. Remote services are also underway to collect data for analysis, improve spare parts handling and minimize the need for inspection travels.

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Keeping the temperature under 1,5 degrees

A central part of the Paris Agreement, signed in 2015 by almost all of the world’s countries, is to limit global warming to 1,5°C above pre-industrial levels. As induction heating is useful in many industrial processes, the technology can make a difference.

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Heating up the winds of change

Constant, clean and cost-effective—wind power is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world, providing ever more people with reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity. What role has induction technology played in the promotion of green wind power?

Let’s keep the heat up

We offer a wide range of services: Consultation, operational support services, induction coil services, commercial and training services, and rental and field services. Use our services to make sure your induction heating equipment performs on top – and stays there.

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We love heating. But only in an extremely limited area.

With induction heating, you get exactly the right heat exactly where you want it. Time and time again. But how does the technology work? Why is it possible to use induction heating for almost any industrial application? It only takes a few minutes to find out.

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We’re looking for new talent. Maybe you?

Creating the right heat for a better world drives us forward as a company. Do you want to join us on our journey? We are always interested in new talent, particularly within product development related to Industry 4.0.

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