EFD Induction I Ethical Business Conduct

Ethical business conduct

All employees base their daily work and behavior on the company values - respectful, reliable, cooperative and passionate - in order to follow the laws, act honourably and provide products and services to the customers at reasonable prices without compromising on quality or reliability as well as to serve customers in the best possible way wherever they are located.

Performance and KPI's

100% of all EFD Induction employees have signed the Company Code of Conduct and it is routine for all new employees to sign the most recent version.

EFD Induction Code of Conduct 

Work and acitivites today

A company Code of Conduct is implemented and translated to all main languages. No employees shall be discriminated or retaliated against for reporting in good faith a violation of the EFD Induction Coc.

Before EFD Induction enters into cooperation agreements, joint ventures or targets to acquire a company, due diligence procedures are mandatory to reveal any deviation from their non-tolerance guideline regarding competition. There are regular in-house financial audits.

To minimise the risk of competition and fraud, the four-eyes principle is applied to all transactions. 


Targets and ambitions

In 2021, EFD Induction will establish a system for annual training of at least 20% of the workforce in the Code of Conduct. 


EFD Induction Code of Conduct


Download: Code of Conduct