Easy to use screen on the New Generation Sinac

The New Generation Sinac - Digital to the core

EFD Induction is proud to present the New Generation Sinac with a fully digital control system that is prepared for Industry 4.0. Predictive data and insights will enable reduced use of energy and lower operation costs allowing for a sustainable and profitable production.

EFD Induction has always been at the forefront of technological development. Previously this year, we launched our fully digital Minac mobile induction heater. As the next step in our product revolution from analogue to digital, the stationary Sinac universal heat generator now follows suit with a control system that is digital to the core.

The New Generation Sinac induction heat generator


The New Generation Sinac is prepared for developments within advanced analytics and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and alarming, automation and real-time data, machine learning, remote service and augmented reality. Easy-to-install software upgrades ensure that your induction equipment will always have the latest state-of-the-art ­technology.


Enhanced reliability

With the new control system, the Sinac will have extended life through our unique, advanced machine audits and troubleshooting. Enhanced diagnostics will protect against unexpected costs. Better use of machine data will increase productivity and provide unmatched control and efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements and shorter service response time.


Easy to use

With a 10-inch capacitive colour touch screen and the latest technology in man-machine interface, the new generation Sinac has easy access to all system functions which facilitates a quick set-up. The multi-language control panel provides side-by-side visualization of twin outputs, whilst an improved heating sequence editor gives the operator full control of the induction parameters for the heating processes.

10 inch capacitive screen that is easy to use,


Tailored solutions

Sinac universal heat generators are the most advanced and reliable induction heating systems on the market. They are ideal for jobs as diverse as brazing, shrink-fitting, hardening, curing, straightening, and many more. The small, compact footprint saves valuable floor-space and ­simplifies in-line integration. A Sinac can be adapted to any ­robot, allowing quick, ­no-fuss integration into automated ­production lines.

The Sinac can be fitted with an almost limitless range of coil designs and coil fixtures, flexible or specially designed cables, closed or separate cooling systems, single or twin output, etc. In short, EFD Induction provides a wide range of optional functions and will always equip the Sinac to suit your particular needs in order to further enhance your productivity.

The New Generation Sinac is easy to use.


Sustainable and profitable

EFD Induction are dedicated to working for a cleaner and greener future. Our technology is eco-friendly, and our incredibly efficient products ensure rational production and minimal pollution. Our new digital control system delivers predictive data and insights, enabling our customers to maximize their supply chain and asset performance. Reducing the use of energy and cutting operation costs allows for a sustainable and profitable production.