Pistol hand grip

New EFD Induction multipurpose pistol handgrip

EFD Induction aims to leave the competition behind with their new trigger controlled handgrip, which is a future oriented device for multiple uses.

The pistol handgrip boasts several innovative features and benefits:

Easy trigger operation

The trigger is more than a power regulator. By pushing and pulling the trigger in various sequences, the operator can scroll through the various menus and select different modes. Additionally, the maximum output can be regulated in increments of five percent, in order to reduce trigger sensitivity for delicate processes.

LCD display screen

A small, easy to read LCD screen on the side of the grip, provides the operator with  information such as on/off status, temperature and heat cycle duration as well as a menu choice and fault codes.

Recording and playback

In addition to its standard manually controlled heat output, the handgrip records and stores up to four different heating cycles of up to 99,9 seconds each.  Any of the four recorded heating cycles can be repeated with virtually zero deviations.

Temperature control

The thermocouple, which can be conveniently plugged into the bottom of the handle, monitors and controls workpiece temperature. Alternatively, it can cut power in order to prevent damage due to overheating.