EFD Induction is a memember of IWMA

Customised solutions is our speciality

Leading wire and cable industry association the IWMA has welcomed EFD Induction as a new member.
“We look forward to supporting the association and its members”, says Global Sales Director OEM & Integrators, Vernon Perkins. “As a significant supplier of manufacturing equipment to the wire and cable market segment, we are looking to be a more visible contributor to the industry via the association.”


As one of the world’s largest induction heating manufacturers, EFD Induction is a global leader in induction ­heating technology, solutions and application expertise. Their heating solutions are employed throughout many demanding industries where they are renowned for their compactness, pro­ductivity, reliability and efficiency, ultimately ­providing a significant financial advantage.


“It is the value of the solutions provided by EFD Induction that has made us the preferred supplier for many leading organisations, not just in the wire and cable industry”, Perkins thinks. “We offer customized solutions and can optimise features to meet a customer’s ­specific requirements.”

Global reach – Local presence

Since its humble beginnings in the early 1950’s, EFD Induction has installed thousands of heating solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, bringing the benefits of ­pioneering ­induction technology to many of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers, ­integrators, manufacturing and service companies. The company has multiple manufacturing plants and service centres in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


The unrivalled accuracy, control and efficiency of induction heating makes it ideal for many key tasks in the manufacture and processing of wire and cable products. EFD Induction offers solutions for many wire and cable based applications. These include structural ferrous and non-ferrous wires, copper and aluminium cable - conductors and fibre optic production.
“The applications are indeed wide ranging”, Perkins points out. “They include for example forming, forging, heat treatment, galvanizing, coating, and drawing.”
Working temperatures are precisely controlled and can be designed to provide heat between 10’s of degrees to in excess of 1,500 degrees. The systems can be employed as the total heating solution or as a pre heater to improve the productivity of a furnace.


“At EFD Induction we really live by our values, which are ‘respectful, reliable, cooperate and passionate’, because we know that this benefits us as well as all our customers”, says Vernon Perkins