Bowl of ice cream

Italian ice cream with induction brazing

Italians are famous for their delicious gelato, but what has that got to do with induction brazing?

They say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that’s pretty much the same thing – at least the Italians seem to think so. With their refined taste, they even make their favourite flavours at home.


In fact, making your own gelato using ice cream machines is extremely popular in Italy, and competition for this market is intense, with several brands of domestic ice cream machines available. This is where induction technology comes in, because, as with all freezers and refrigerators, the joints in the ice cream machines’ compressors need brazing.


With such fierce competition, it is crucial that quality is kept up and costs are kept down, and the EFD Induction Minac will help manufacturers do just that.


The process of induction brazing is quick, easy and cost-efficient. Throughput is increased because one coil can be used to braze all the joints. Also, induction brazing means no flux! How’s that for an easy way to make ice cream?


And with that, we wish all our customers and partners a lovely summer holiday and hope that you get to enjoy all the ice cream you want!