Weldac at Borusan Mannesmann

High productivity with Weldac at SRM mill

Borusan Mannesmann reports high productivity on their new stretch reducing pipe mill with EFD Induction 750kW tube welder.

In May 2019, Borusan Mannesmann commissioned a new stretch reducing (SRM) pipe mill at their Gemlik facility in Turkey. The plant produces hot formed special pipes for API, mother tubes for OEMs and for the automotive supplier industry in Turkey and the rest of Europe. The fully automatic continuous production line produces a mother tube shell of 88.9mm with wall thicknesses up to 10mm. 

With their ability to develop innovative high-tech products and solutions, Borusan Mannesmann is a pioneer in the field of steel pipe manufacturing. Their high sales volume and seven facilities across three continents have placed them on the map as a leading producer of steel pipes, both in Europe and the rest of the world.

Borusan Mannesmann has previously invested in a 1000kW Weldac and seam annealing system for their Houston plant which manufactures steel pipes used in oil and natural gas exploration, extraction wells and pipelines. Earlier this year, the US plant was awarded the prestigious "Tube & Pipe Producer of the Year " by the American Metal Market, for the third time in five years.

“The decision to purchase another Weldac was based on a number of important factors,” says Gemlik Automotive Factory Manager, Ihsan Özgür Turhan. “It was essential that we had high reliability and efficiency as well as the welder’s ability to continue running through any short circuit or flashover in the welding area. This was critical, as a stoppage on an SRM mill, where long length mother shells are produced, can be a very costly affair”.

Originally, Borusan Mannesmann had chosen a 600kW Weldac for the new mill, but during the factory acceptance test visit at the EFD Induction headquarters in Norway it was decided to upgrade the welder to 750kW. This modification was easily carried out by adding an additional inverter module and carrying out some tuning.

Since installation, the Weldac has worked flawlessly and has efficiently delivered power for all tube thickness and material combinations. The performance of the welder has enabled Borusan Mannesmann to produce very high wall thicknesses on finished small tube diameters such as Ø30x10mm. Thanks to the benefit of the patented IGBT technology that the EFD Induction welder utilizes, they have reduced downtime and achieved maximum speed and thickness capacity.


EFD Induction Weldac at Borusan Mannesmann