induction heating used for deck straightening
READY FOR SEA TRIAL: One of Oka Shipyard’s tankers of the Balt Fleet on its way out to sea. Photo: Oka website

Helping the Russian shipbuilding industry

EFD Induction Russia are sharing their assistance and knowhow as Russian shipyards are taking steps to revitalize their technology and equipment.

"We are one of the leading manufacturers of induction heating equipment in the world and I am proud to present our equipment that optimizes the process of straightening decks and bulkheads in shipbuilding using the benefits of induction heating technology" said Dmitry Esin, the head of EFD Induction St. Petersburg branch, upon presenting the Terac deck straightening system at a conference where a large number of representatives from the Russian shipbuilding industry was gathered.

Induction heating for the Russian shipbuilding industry
CONTRIBUTE:  EFD Induction will contribute to a new era and further innovation of Russian shipbuilding, said Dmitry Esin in his presentation at the conference.

St. Petersburg is where you can find the main cluster of Russian shipbuilding. Despite the tough competition and prevailing dominance of Asian shipyards, shipbuilders in Russia are navigating out of the Doldrums. After a long period of stagnation and a rather slow transition from inherited Soviet-era processes and management, efforts are now being made to modernize and upgrade a number of yards and production processes. In this boost to re-energize Russian shipbuilding, EFD Induction Russia is working closely with the industry, offering their unique experience and expertise.

EFD Induction pioneered the use of induction for deck and bulkhead straightening in the early 1980s. Today, the Terac deck straightening system is used by major shipyards worldwide. This cost saving solution cuts straightening times by as much as 80 percent, as well as bringing major safety and environmental benefits. No fumes, no dust, no flames, no noise, no gas and virtually no radiant heat mean more comfortable and productive working conditions in the shipyards. And, the Terac only needs an electricity supply and it is ready to start work.

Induction Heating Deck and Bulkhead Straightening System
THE TERAC: EFD Induction’s deck and bulkhead straightening system has a robust construction and is designed and built to last in tough shipyard environments.

The participants at the shipbuilding conference were top and high-level management of the industry:  R&D institutes and design bureaus, governmental institutions involved in shipbuilding and fleet operation, shipyards and their suppliers. The topics of discussion varied from the wider perspectives of shipbuilding development in Russia and plans for the purchasing of marine and river vessels to more practical issues such as gas fueling, ice-breaking and advanced life-saving equipment as well as new technologies and construction materials. 

 EFD Induction represented by Tatiana Brodtkorb and Dmitry Esin.
REPRESENTED: EFD Induction was represented by Tatiana Brodtkorb and Dmitry Esin.