Sales engineer Jari Koski doing live demonstrations of induction heating
OUT ON FACEBOOK? Lots of young people came to the stand, to ask for advice and to watch the demos, which they are always keen on filming.

Heated interest at Alihankinta

The number-one industrial fair in Finland was once again a big success for EFD Induction Sweden.

17.731 visitors and more than 1.100 exhibitors gathered at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre last week for the Alihankinta International Industrial Subcontracting Fair. The number of visitors is the second highest in the history of the event.

”We had visitors of many generations,” says Aftersales Manager Jan Erik Havseden. ”Lots of students came by, which of course pleased us a lot, since they are the decision makers of the future.”

Finland and the country’s industry are among the cleanest in the world, and the Fins are keen to keep it that way, aiming to be pioneers in manufacturing and export that protects the environment. Consequently, ”Sustainable manufacturing” was the theme of this year’s fair, highlighting the opportunities of new technologies, innovations and future industries. This message is obviously relevant to many parts of the world and the objective of the subcontracting fair is also to achieve strong internationalization in the coming years. Obviously, this is a place where EFD Induction belongs.

The was a constant flow of people to the stand – operators wanting to talk tech and directors wanting to talk business. Jan Erik is also very pleased that many existing customers dropped by to give updates on how well their EFD Induction equipment is working for them.

”With so many people, Alihankinta is an intense experience with a lot of energy,” he says. ”We appriciated the opportunity to show how our equipment will not only boost production but also be an important factor in achieving sustainable manufacturing.”