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EHE Consumables on LinkedIn

EHE Consumables are linking in

EFD Induction subsidiary, EHE Consumables, are proud to announce the launch of their new page on LinkedIn. “We look forward to connecting with our friends and customers and all others who are interested in what we have to offer,” says Sales & Marketing Director, Peter Bond.

After introducing their new website earlier this year, EHE Consumables further strengthened their online presence this week by launching their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has proven to be the strongest social platform for the tube and pipe industry and EHE Consumables hope to be able to contribute to the global network of professionals with both news and insights.

Peter Bond, Sales & Marketing DirectorSales & Marketing Director Peter Bond, who is himself an avid user of LinkedIn, has been proudly sharing company news on his own profile for years.

“I think it is important to tell people in the industry about the things we can do to help enhance and improve their production efficiency,” he says, “So, obviously I’m very happy that we now have a dedicated company profile where we can do this. I hope we’ll be able to reach a much wider audience and connect with industry professionals in a new way.”

Peter Bond not only wants to use LinkedIn to introduce EHE Consumables’ wide range of products, but also hopes to provide expert advice and practical suggestions.

“We are not a trading company like many consumable suppliers, we always focus on designing products that save customers money,” he points out, urging new followers to pose questions and challenges. “Our considerable process experience enables us to objectively look at our customers set-up parameters and make suggestions as to where improvements can be realised,” he says.

After only a couple of days, news of EHE Consumables’ LinkedIn presence have already started to spread and dozens of followers have already joined.

“Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised to see how many people have followed us so soon,” Peter Bond says, hoping to see many more.

Visit EHE Consumables on LinkedIn.