Induction hardening of crankshafts and camshafts

Earthmowing experience

Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB, John Deere, Poclain, Clark—they all have two things in common.
One, they make large, heavy machines whose case depth, part dimensions and production rates differ radically from those in the automotive industry. Two, they are all customers of EFD Induction, and use the most innovative machines and production solutions available.
Moving mountains is not something one normally associates with induction heating. But for years EFD Induction has been supplying many of the world’s leading earthmoving equipment manufacturers with solutions based on induction technology. Along the way we have become experts in this specialized area—particularly in meeting manufacturers’ demands for flexible induction machines that combine large power outputs with low frequencies.


The range of earthmoving equipment components treated by EFD Induction is vast. However, the parts generally fall into three groups: components for undercarriages, engines and lifting units. The first group includes track components such as bushings, pins, track shoes, track links and rollers. Other undercarriage parts that we harden with induction solutions include large track shoes (sprockets) that can weigh hundreds of kilos. We also harden final drives. Hardening components for the second group—the lifting unit—is particularly challenging. That’s because of the dimensions involved. Hydraulic cylinders, for example, are often several meters long. EFD Induction also hardens the hundreds of linkage pins commonly needed in one lifting unit.


The third group is made up of engine components. Most of our activity in this area involves the hardening of crankshafts and camshafts, but we also provide hardening solutions for engine blocks, valves, starter rings and cylinder liners. Also, EFD Induction machines have produced millions of injectors.

Tough demands—smart solutions

EFD Induction has pioneered several technical breakthroughs to meet the stringent cost and quality demands set by makers of earthmoving equipment. For example, it was EFD Induction who introduced—and popularized—automatic coil changing for induction machines. We also devised a way to eliminate manual part handling by including induction machines in an automatic Flexible Machining System, and by integrating the common machine tool manufacturing pallet into our solution. EFD Induction created the first cell ever to use a gantry robot that not only loads and unloads parts onto a vertical scanner, but also changes coils, measures parts and loads the next machine. Moreover, EFD Induction design large production cells for sprockets. Our other technical innovations include multiple axis machines for large piston rods (quality demands when heat treating piston rods for heavy equipment are extremely tough due to the high cost of the component).


A common demand from heavy equipment makers is for solutions that provide operational flexibility. EFD Induction has responded with innovations that help manufacturers achieve desired quality at low costs. Take our large induction machines for sprockets, for example. The same machine can perform single-shot hardening at high power. But its multiple-axis coil positioning capability means it can also perform tooth-by.tooth hardening. So the next time you see an earthmover in action, chances are that many of its components have been heat treated by EFD Induction machines. And it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Because as Europe’s number one—and the world’s number two—provider of induction heating solutions, we have staff, representatives and facilities dotted around the globe. If making earthmoving equipment is your business, contact us today to learn more about us. You make the machines that move mountains. We move heaven and earth to help you.