EFD Induction becomes ENRX on March 27th.

Choosing Weldac for its speed and efficiency

Birlik Makina, a leader of the tube and pipe sector in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, has recently ordered a new Compact Weldac – a deal that was as speedy and efficient as the machine itself.

“It all happened very quickly”, says European Sales Manager for tube and pipe, Paolo Chiri, who closed the deal along with local EFD Induction agent in Turkey, Ahmet Rasim Balci. “Commercially speaking, it was the fastest offer, negotiation and order process ever!”

“It is a very good story, actually”, Ahmet agrees. “We visited Birlik Makina in the morning and gave them our prices. When we stopped at a restaurant for lunch, Paolo sent them our final proposal.”

No sooner had they sat down to eat than the telephone rang.

“The owner of Birlik Makina, Muammer Semerci, called and asked to meet us at a cafe. Of course, we went along, and signed the contract there and then”, he smiles.

“To be fair, the customer already knows the quality of the EFD Induction welders as well as the skills of our engineers”, Paolo points out. “It is really thanks to technical support of the engineers that we were able to do this in such a short time.”

Paolo is also full of praise for the customer:

“It was a great pleasure to deal with Muammer Semerci and his nephew Harun Semerci”, he says “Birlik Makina is a wonderful family company with excellent reliability and high-quality products.”

In fact, this Turkish company has been a major manufacturer of ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) tube and pipe mills for more than thirty years – designing, producing and installing turnkey machines for the pipe and steel industry.

“Yes, normally they are manufacturing their own welders, but they tell me that when they need a faster line that will handle thicker material, they will always go for equipment from EFD Induction”, Ahmet says.

“One of the reasons we choose EFD Induction welders is their efficiency” says owner Muammer Semerci. “Likewise, the line speeds are very high and there is a very low failure rate.”

Sustainability was also an important aspect for this pipe industry expert that prides itself for valuing a clean environment as a precious treasure that must be protected for future generations.

“The fact that the Compact Weldac boasts less power consumption is important, both for the economy and the environment”, Mr. Semerci says.

“Now, our collaboration with Birlik Makina is continuously growing stronger”, says Ahmet. “Actually, they are going to buy all their welders from us, if we can keep the price competitive.”


Leaders of Birlik Makina

QUICK DECISION: Account Manager Harun Semerci (left) and owner of Birlik Makina, Muammer Semerci, sign the contract for a new Compact Weldac.


Sale to Birlik Makina

TWO CUPS AND ONE CONTRACT: From left: Harun Semerci, Muammer Semerci, Paolo Chiri and Ahmet Rasim Balci mixing business and tea.