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Induction chain hardening and tempering
One of the orders will be the world’s largest induction heat treatment line for chain.

Major chain hardening orders in China

EFD Induction has landed three large induction hardening orders from China’s coal mining industry. The orders involve hardening and tempering lines for 5-60mm diameter chain. The systems are being constructed at EFD Induction facilities in Norway and China.

 These orders are a significant breakthrough for EFD Induction into a vast and growing industry,’‘For example, China’s economic growth has pushed the country’s annual coal production to about three billion tons. Also, China’s coal industry is being modernized at an incredible pace, with significant investments being made to boost safety and efficiency. These factors help explain the demand for state-of-the-art mining chain. We’ve succeeded in this market because the Chinese customers were aware of our solid reputation among European chain manufacturers.

The first order involves an induction hardening and tempering solution for the China Coal Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery Company (CZCM). A subsidiary of the China National Coal Group, the country’s second-largest coal producer, CZCM plans to install the EFD Induction hardening line in a new chain manufacturing plant.   

The order is for a complete line capable of heat treating 5-16mm diameter chain. The line will feature four induction heating units to harden and temper the chain. Our solution also offers selective heating of the straight part of the link, or “schenkel”. Such selective heating increases ductility in the schenkel, resulting in optimal link properties. Only induction heating achieves localized schenkel tempering. Furnace heating, for example, cannot localize heat in a specific part of the link.’ 

The second order involves a complete hardening and tempering line for the Xian Heavy Equipment ChengHe Coal Machinery Company. The line, which is designed for 24-36mm diameter chain, will include four induction heating units. The third order—from the Changchun Northeast Conveyor Equipment Manufacture Company— is for a hardening and tempering line for 36-60mm diameter mining chain. With six induction power sources and an hourly output capacity of up to 2,000kg, the system will be the world’s largest induction heat treatment line for chain.  

EFD Induction anticipate further chain hardening orders from China, Chinese manufacturers are not only impressed by our successful track record in chain-making, they are also impressed by our extensive presence in China. EFD Induction has been established in the People’s Republic since 2001, and we now have bases in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. This local presence is a great reassurance for our Chinese customers, as they can always count on close support before, during and after the installation of their induction heating solutions.