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HardLine M

The modular HardLine M is a new generation of vertical hardening machines, ideal for a variety of hardening and tempering applications.

Wind turbines

Fighting climate change

With the COP26 underway, the world is at a most decisive moment of climate action. Although EFD Induction work to provide heat, we are also dedicated to keeping the 1.5-degree goal ...

5 year warranty high frequency solid state tube welder

New Compact Weldac takes industry by storm

Since its introduction in May of last year, EFD Induction’s new Compact Weldac high-frequency induction welder has made a huge impact in the tube and pipe industry. But, to what ...

View inside a wind turbine

Making wind power even greener

Have a look at EFD Induction’s latest video to see all the different solutions we offer the wind power industry.

EFD Induction's new digital control system enables remote access.

Remote commissioning

The introduction of EFD Induction’s new digital control system early last year has proven to be timely. As Covid-19 continues to complicate travel plans, the ability to perform ...

Report from the IPCC on the effects of global warming

Code red for the climate

The IPCC has issued its starkest warning yet, saying major climate changes are inevitable and irreversible. However, there is still hope that deep cuts in emissions of greenhouse ...

How induction heating works

EXCLUSIVE REPORT - The EFD Induction Weldac

The EFD Induction Weldac: What it is, how it works and why you should care.

Article collection

A collection of four articles published in the Tube & Pipe Technology magazine.