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Extremely fast induction preheating

A world-leading automotive supplier has bought a Sinac induction heating system for steel pump housing production. Less than a second of heating does the job.

The Minac is ideal for railway maintenance.

Ideal for the railway industry

The Minac – EFD Induction’s mobile induction heating equipment – is so well suited for key tasks in the maintenance of rolling stock that one of the largest European railway ...

Induction hardening machine - HardLine Hybrid

The world’s fastest and most flexible horizontal hardening machine

The HardLine Hybrid combines a pusher machine (HP) and a continuous loading machine (HC) into one single machine.

Anders Karlsved new managing director EFD Induction Sweden

New Managing Director at EFD Induction Sweden

Experience and enthusiasm are the two main characteristics of Anders Karlsved, the new MD at EFD Induction Sweden. A definite people person, he is looking forward to working with ...

Induction heating is used to harden and anneal the cutting edges of carbin blades

Hardening and annealing in the textile industry

Hard metal is not the first thing that comes to mind when you put on a lovely, delicate garment but making the fibres soft and fluffy requires sharp, hard steel.

Introducing SiC transistors in tube welders

Lower losses with SiC transistors

Whereas some Silicon Carbide transistors are less short circuit resilient, EFD Induction use a type which is just as rugged as IGBTs and provides higher efficiency as well as less ...

Weld setup, variable frequency and heat affected zones

The article investigates the impact that geometrical changes in the weld zone have on weld frequency and the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).

A brief introduction to one of the lesser-known uses of induction heating: glass fiberizing.

Next time you visit a funfair or circus, take a few minutes to see how candyfloss—known as cotton candy in the US—is made.

Maximising output in high-frequency tube and pipe welding

The authors evaluate the parameters that influence welder performance and scrap production during changeover in the high-frequency tube and pipe welding process.