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Induction heating is used to harden and anneal the cutting edges of carbin blades

Hardening and annealing in the textile industry

Hard metal is not the first thing that comes to mind when you put on a lovely, delicate garment but making the fibres soft and fluffy requires sharp, hard steel.

Airbag inflators preheated with induction heating

Preheating saves lives

Testing airbag inflators by preheating them guarantees the stability of this high-pressure safety device.

Induction heating used for boiler extraction

Tube boiler extraction

Have you enjoyed a sweet snack today? If so, there is a good chance that the sugar came from Brazil, where EFD Induction is now offering their service and equipment rental to ...

induction heating used for deck straightening

Helping the Russian shipbuilding industry

EFD Induction Russia are sharing their assistance and knowhow as Russian shipyards are taking steps to revitalize their technology and equipment.

Induction heating versus ice

Glowing ball versus ice

How long does it take for a glowing steel ball to melt through a 20-centimetre-thick block of ice?

Induction power supports prestigious powerhouse

Induction power supports prestigious powerhouse

Powerhouse Telemark is set to become one of the world's most spectacular and energy efficient buildings. Construction began in September, with a little help from EFD Induction ...

Weld setup, variable frequency and heat affected zones in high frequency tube and pipe welding

The article investigates the impact that geometrical changes in the weld zone have on weld frequency and the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).

A brief introduction to one of the lesser-known uses of induction heating: glass fiberizing.

Next time you visit a funfair or circus, take a few minutes to see how candyfloss—known as cotton candy in the US—is made.

Maximising output in high-frequency tube and pipe welding

The authors evaluate the parameters that influence welder performance and scrap production during changeover in the high-frequency tube and pipe welding process.