EFD Induction values


We hold ourselves to high standards and make sure our values - respectful, reliable, cooperative and passionate - come to life in the way we work.

There’s more to work at EFD Induction than just the work itself. We hire passionate, friendly people and it shows in our culture. We make sure our employees feel continuously challenged while also supported. We provide professional growth opportunities, including leadership programs. We celebrate the diversity of our team, while also working together as one EFD Induction.

Our culture, like everything at our company, is made possible by each employee’s contribution. Person by person, we create the environment we work in, and we are proud of the EFD Induction we have built.  


Respectful value symbol


Being Respectful means we treat peoplewith respect, and act at all times with integrity. We lead by example and care for our customers, colleagues and the environment.

Reliable value symbol


Being Reliable means we take responsibility; we spare no effort to keep our promises and learn from our failures.

EFD Induction values - Cooperative


Being Cooperative means we share resources, know-how and solutions within the EFD Induction family of companies to satisfy our customers wherever they are located. 

EFD Induction values - Passionate


Being Passionate means we have a burning interest for what we do. It means being open to new ideas, and constantly developing innovative solutions to support our customers and colleagues.