EFD Induction Resource efficient production

Resource efficient production

EFD Induction supports the shift towards sustainable growth via a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy. The energy transition will continue to increase in importance as investors prioritize environmental, social and governance factors, and customers should feel secure that EFD Induction products are manufactured and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way.

Performance and KPI's

  • Greenhouse gas emission:
  • Scope 1 - direct emissions
  • Scope 2 - indirect emissions from electricity purchased
  • Scope 3 - other indirect emissions
  • Energy source (renewable v. non-renewable)
  • Waste by type and/or disposal method (e.g. recycle rate)


Work and activities today

EFD Induction always claim to put the smarter heat to smarter use. We are also smart about how to utilise resources – be it raw materials, energy or water.  
There is a strong link between energy efficiency and resource efficiency, and the compact, robust and highly efficient products from EFD Induction contribute to less waste, less pollution and less use of both energy and resources. 

EFD Induction is also a strong proponent of renewable energy. In fact, induction and renewable power form a ‘virtuous circle’ where clean electricity powers induction heating systems that make turbines that generate clean electricity. It’s a beautiful partnership!


Targets and ambitions

EFD Induction is working to establish common measurement routines and get an overview of measurements being conducted in our subsidiaries. 

There are local measurement systems and initiatives for waste handling and GHG emissions in place at their production sites. 

EFD Induction will begin the ISO 14001 certification of generator production at our production facility in Norway.  We also have a long-term goal of ISO 14001 certification for all production units.


Green opportunities

More resource and energy efficiency and less GHG emissions from transportation and at production sites. 

Longevity of the products means less waste, including E-waste.