EFD Induction I A robust supply chain

A responsible and robust supply chain

EFD Induction complies with regulatory requirements regarding prohibition and restriction of hazardous substances and will avoid the use of conflict materials, i.e. materials that originate from conflict areas and contribute to fund governments and movements which violate fundamental human rights.

Performance and KPI's

EFD Induction will implement these KPIs in 2021.

  • x% of suppliers have signed the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • x% of prioritized suppliers have completed self-assessment questionnaire


Work and acitivites today

EFD Induction is part of a major global industry and operates in a premium segment of the market, with many of the world's largest and most prestigious production companies as customers. In this market, there is a strong demand to demonstrate a sustainable supply chain – most particularly so in the automotive industry. 

EFD Induction subsidiaries have local procedures for internal approval of all new suppliers. 

In 2020, EFD Induction established a global work group to implement common global routines and KPIs. The internal approval form was refined and a new Supplier Code of Conduct, a Supplier Self-assessment form and a Supplier Due Diligence policy was worked out. A new environmental policy that involves own production as well as that of the suppliers was also established.

Targets and ambitions

EFD Induction will establish routines to make sure A and B rated suppliers receive and sign the Supplier Code of Conduct and Self-assessment form.

EFD Induction aims to receive confirmation from at least three quarters of the materially categorized suppliers. 


Green opportunities

As EFD Induction puts an even stronger demand on our suppliers, this will contribute to an eco-friendlier production chain. These efforts will help reduce GHG emissions, water consumption, the use conflict minerals etc.

Download :

Supplier Code of Conduct

Internal approval of new supplier

Supplier Self-assesment form A

Supplier Self-assesment form B