Sustainability report 2021: A strong year

EFD Induction Sustainability Report 2021

Year 2021 was a good year for EFD Induction. We continued to deliver value despite all the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and clarified our dedication to protecting the environment and fighting against climate change.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

EFD Induction UN Sustainability Goals

In essence, adhering to an ESG framework means that you are future proofing your business. Companies that have made this a priority have the tools to deal with the dramatic challenges that are thrown at us all from time to time. EFD Induction is committed to integrating our environmental, social and corporate governance responsibilities into our business decisions and operation.

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Ethical business conduct

EFD Induction I Ethical Business Conduct

All employees base their daily work and behavior on the company values - respectful, reliable, cooperative and passionate - in order to follow the laws, act honourably and provide products and services to the customers at reasonable prices without compromising on quality or reliability as well as to serve customers in the best possible way wherever they are located.

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A great place to work

Induction heating solutions contribute to better working environment

As a global company, EFD Induction sees daily evidence of the benefits of diversity and cooperation across borders, cultures and skill sets, and is a strong believer in equal rights and opportunities for all. At EFD Induction we bring our dedication to safe working conditions one step further, as our induction heating solutions contribute to a safer and better working environment - not just for our own employees but for those of our customers as well.

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Sustainable products

induction heating energy efficiency

EFD Induction is dedicated to protecting the environment and fighting against climate change. Through our expertise and technology, we aim to be a partner who can assist and advice our customers on how to make the manufacture and maintenance of metal products a clean and green process.

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A responsible and robust supply chain

EFD Induction I A robust supply chain

EFD Induction complies with regulatory requirements regarding prohibition and restriction of hazardous substances and will avoid the use of conflict materials, i.e. materials that originate from conflict areas and contribute to fund governments and movements which violate fundamental human rights.

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Resource efficient production

EFD Induction Resource efficient production

EFD Induction supports the shift towards sustainable growth via a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy. The energy transition will continue to increase in importance as investors prioritize environmental, social and governance factors, and customers should feel secure that EFD Induction products are manufactured and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way.

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