Commercial and training services

Commercial and training services

Give you the tools to learn more about induction heating processes and your equipment—crucial to maximize your success and payback on the investment.

Equipment rental

What induction heating equipment is needed for a certain heating job? Our equipment rental services let you know. We provide you with the right equipment—with or without operator training—so you can try it out before you make the investment. You can also hire equipment for time-limited projects.


Test facilities

Most EFD Induction subsidiaries have a wide range of induction heating equipment as well as a metallurgical lab. We use these resources for our own process development—but also make them available to our customers. The services in our Test facilities give you the chance to choose the best tools (coils, power supplies, handling machines) for your applications and optimize your heating process.



The more you know about your induction equipment, the better the return on your investment. With a training program adapted to your needs, EFD Induction training services teach you how to get the most out of your equipment. We conduct our training services where you find it most convenient—either on-site in your factory or on our EFD Induction premises.