Induction heating consultation


These services ensure you get the induction heating solution that's best suited to your specific requirements, and that it works the way it should from day one. Computer simulation studies let us assess in advance the impact of various technical solutions on your components, materials and processes. We also offer services to gauge the financial implications of converting to induction heating—or of upgrading existing induction equipment.

Computer simulation

Forget costly and time-consuming trial and error processes. Our computer simulation service lets you perfect a tricky coil design without making a single physical coil. The service covers everything from analysis of molecular changes in metals to power calculations to obtain certain temperature patterns. What’s more, you can change one parameter at a time (e.g. air-gap between coil and object) and see the effect immediately.


Cost/Benefit analysis

Getting the basic data to make decisions about heating equipment investments is often a heavy process. Meanwhile, you have to live with your existing equipment—and watch the competition closing in. We gladly help you calculate the short-term consequences and long-term benefits of either retrofitting your current installations or investing in a brand new induction solution.


Feasibility study

Want to improve your heating results? Our feasibility study services let you find the smartest way—whether you want to upgrade your equipment or set up a new process. You get to know all the pros and cons of different solutions, as well as cost and time estimates from planning to operation. Handling systems and equipment for preheating and postheating can also be included to produce a complete in-line production concept.