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Induction heating for the power generation industry

Power generation

EFD Induction equipment performs a variety of crucial tasks at power stations, chemical plants, oil and gas processing plants and windmill parks.

Induction heating is used within a variety of fields in the power generation industry.
For example: 

Induction shrink fitting

  • bolts and nuts
  • steam valves
  • bearings
  • hubs, gears, sprockets
  • compressors and retaining rings

Induction brazing

  • generators
  • transformers
  • stators
  • rotors
  • turbine tip

Induction preheating / postheating

  • Preheating before welding of turbine blade tip
  • Pre-heat and Post Weld Heat Treatment – pipe welds and structural

Coating removal 

  • Tough, high-build coatings on flat surfaces, round contours, inside/outside corners, both sides of substrate, round rivets, etc.