Induction heating equipment for cable and wire heating

Induction heating system for wire and cable

EFD Induction is the preferred supplier for manufacturers who are dependent on top quality and high precision.
The unrivalled accuracy, control and efficiency of induction heating makes it ideal for many key tasks in the manufacture and processing of wire and cable products. 
EFD Induction offers solutions for many applications from structural ferrous and non-ferrous wires, copper and aluminium cable and conductors to fibre optic production. The applications are very wide ranging including, but not limited to, forming, forging, heat treatment, galvanizing, coating, drawing etc. at temperatures from 10’s of degrees to in excess of 1,500 degrees. Developing systems that are optimised for your requirement with customised solutions is an EFD Induction speciality.  
The systems can be employed as your total heating solution or as a booster to improve the productivity of an existing furnace by acting as a pre-heater. Our induction heating solutions are renowned for their compactness, productivity and efficiency.


We offer solutions for in-line heating of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Typical applications include:
  • Drying post cleaning or removing water or solvent from coatings
  • Curing of liquid or powder based coatings. Providing a superior bond strength and surface finish
  • Diffusion of metallic coating
  • Pre heating for extrusion of polymer and metallic coatings
  • Heat treatment including: stress relieving, tempering, annealing, bright annealing, hardening, patenting etc.
  • Pre heating for hot forming or forging, especially important for specification alloys 

Whilst we supply a range of solutions, most are optimised to meet your specific requirements. In the photograph you see a customized solution for the heat treatment of spring wire. This has many features specific to our customer’s needs, including the ability to move the coils off line. 



EFD Induction has a very long and illustrious history in the manufacture of pre heaters for coating and extrusion lines for the manufacture of copper and aluminium conductors and cables. Our flexible solutions allow simplicity of installation on new or retro fit line applications. 


EFD Induction has developed dedicated solutions for the manufacture of optical fibre.

This includes:  

  • Fibre Draw
  • Sintering
  • Stretching 
Our solutions offer a very compact form factor which allows installation where space is at a premium, allowing the replacement of traditional heating technologies. EFD Induction are always pioneering new solutions in this market. 

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Induction heating for wire and cable heating
Wire and cable heating

The unrivalled accuracy, control and efficiency of induction heating makes it ideal for many key tasks in the manufacture and ­processing of wire and cable products.



Induction heating - cable and wire

STRUCTURAL WIRE & CABLE : A customized solution for the heat treatment of spring wire.

Induction heating  - cable and wire

OPTICAL FIBRE MANUFACTURE : A wall mounted compact power source with flexible output.

Induction heating - cable and wire

ELECTRICAL CABLE: Optimised for cable heating of copper or aluminium conductors.

Induction coil for heating of wire and cable

ELECTRICAL CABLE: The compact transformer, coil and support plate allows simple integration into a production line.