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SINAC i Stationary Induction Heating Equipment

Sinac: Stationary induction heating systems

Sinac universal induction heating generators are the most advanced and reliable systems on the market. The Sinac is ideal for a wide range of applications and is suitable for heating all kinds of electrical conductive materials.
Sinac is EFD Induction’s range of complete stationary induction heating systems. Each Sinac includes a frequency converter, capacitors and, where necessary, a matching unit. All Sinac coils, the components that actually deliver heat to workpieces, are custom-designed to best suit your specific applications and conditions.



EFD Induction has always been at the forefront of technological development. Our compact wall-mounted Sinac SM/SH range is now launched  with a control system that is digital to the core.


  • Future-proof: The fully digital control system provides a solid foundation to build on. Easy-to-install software upgrades ensure that your induction ­equipment will always have the latest state-of-the-art ­technology.
  • Enhanced reliability: Your induction equipment will have ­extended life through our unique, advanced machine audits and trouble-shooting. Enhanced diagnostics will protect you against unexpected costs.
  • Increased productivity: Better use of your machine data will increase your productivity. You will have unmatched control and efficiency, ­reduced maintenance requirements and shorter service response time.


Stationary systems for every task

  • Wide range: Including parallel and serial compensated converters suitable for virtually any induction heating application. Dual frequency systems are also available. Output power ratings and frequencies range from 5 to 2000 kW and 0.3 to 350 kHz.
  • Maximum productivity: Automatic frequency control maintains optimum output power throughout heating cycles. Output power can also be continuously regulated either manually or with standard external controls. Easy operation, small footprints and proven reliability help maximize equipment uptime and output.
  • Unrivaled efficiency: Diode rectifier with a constant power factor of 0.95 at all power levels, and an efficiency factor of 85-87%.
  • Operational flexibility: Sinac’s wide range of systems and technical features let you choose a solution that is just right for your particular needs. Thyristor, IGBT and PowerMOS inverters are available—as are various rectifiers and matching and control systems, for example automatic load matching.
  • Improved quality: Sinac delivers the quality-improving benefits of modern induction heating: precise, no-contact, controllable heat with reproducible temperatures and ramp-up and dwell times. Better quality also reduces costs by minimizing scrap and re-working.


A truly comprehensive range

  • Low-frequency systems: Sinac’s parallel-compensated low-frequency systems feature three-phase thyristor rectifiers and full bridge thyristor inverters. The serial-compensated systems include three-phase diode rectifiers, as well as rugged IGBT transistors that are virtually short-circuit proof.
  • Medium-frequency systems: Sinac offers parallel- and serial-compensated medium frequency systems. The former feature three-phase thyristor rectifiers, the latter three-phase diode rectifiers. Both versions are equipped with rugged, virtually short-circuit proof IGBT transistors. The low-power serial-compensated systems feature hand-held transformers (connected with flexible power cables) that support a wide range of coils.
  • High-frequency systems: Sinac’s high-frequency systems also offer parallel- and serial-compensated converters. The parallel-compensated high-frequency systems are based on the same fast IGBT technology as the medium-frequency systems, making it possible to run up to 200 kHz.  Sinac’s serial-compensated high-frequency systems feature IGBT transistors and three-phase diode rectifiers. The IGBT inverters are based on EFD Induction patented switching pattern technology that utilizes the IGBT transistors at high frequencies without any extra stress. Solid-state technology helps ensure maximum uptime and throughput.
  • Multi-frequency systems: Sinac multi-frequency systems use patented EFD Induction technology to deliver two different frequencies—one high and one low—to one coil at the same time. This gives you the flexibility to treat a wide range of components. The systems are serial-compensated and feature rugged IGBT transistors in full bridge circuits. The custom-designed coils are connected directly to the inverter matching cabinets.
  • Custom-engineered systems: Developing one-off solutions is a speciality at EFD Induction. We have the expertise and experience needed to design and manufacture a heating solution for practically any industrial process.

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Sinac universal heat generators are the most advanced and ­reliable induction heating systems on the market.
Future proof. The New Generation Sinac SM/SH

EFD Induction has always been at the forefront of technological development and with the new fully digital control system, we set you up for the future.

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Sinac - stationary induction heating systems
SINAC - Universal heat generators

Sinac is EFD Induction’s range of complete stationary induction heating systems. Ideal for in-line integration. 

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Sinac universal heat generators are the most advanced and ­reliable induction heating systems on the market.

The EFD Induction ‘Sinac SM" is a range of serial-compensated power sources for medium-frequency heating applications.

Sinac universal heat generators are the most advanced and ­reliable induction heating systems on the market.

A Sinac ’Twin’ version with two independent power output that can operate simultaneously under identical or different parameters.

Digital control panel

The operating panel with its 10-inch capacitive colour touch screen and latest technology in man-machine interface, is the most user-friendly on the market.

Induction heating equipment

The EFD Induction ‘Sinac PM/PH’ is a range of parallel-compensated power sources for medium and high frequency heating applications.

Hand held transformer, Pistol hand grip

The multipurpose pistol handgrip is especially suitable for induction brazing and boasts several innovative features and benefits:

Induction brazing a plough share

An EFD Induction Sinac heat generator in action brazing a plough share.

Brazing short-circuit rings (SC-rings) with induction heating

Induction brazing of short-circuit rings

Induction heating - cable and wire

Developing customized solutions is a speciality at EFD Induction.Here a solution for the heating of spring wire.

Wall mounted compact induction power source with flexible power output.

A wall mounted compact power source with flexible power output.

Induction heating equipment

Employed worldwide—Sinac systems are hard at work at hundreds of plants around the globe.

Induction heating equipment

A serial-compensated medium-frequency Sinac at work preheating industrial components.

Induction heating equipment. Sinac 5-25 SH

Sinac 5-25 SH is compact and efficient transistor power supply designed to work in heavy industrial environment..

Induction heating - cable and wire

A Sinac solution optimsed for cable heating of copper or aluminium conductors.

Induction heating equipment. Sinac serial-compensated, medium-frequency unit.

Sinac can be fitted with various coils and coil fixtures, flexible cables, closed or separate cooling systems, specially designed heating cables, etc. We equip the Sinac to fit your heating need.

Induction heating equipment.

Each Sinac includes a frequency converter, capacitors and, where necessary, a matching unit.

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