EFD Induction becomes ENRX on March 27th.

Rental of induction heating equipment

Rental and field services

EFD Induction offers equipment rental, rental with operator and rental with supervisor. We have the most comprehensive range of induction heating solutions, and our staff has the experience, so you can be assured of having the right rental when and where you need it.


Do you need induction heating equipment for a limited time only?

We supply a wide range of induction equipment, and make sure it is running optimally. There is no need for you to worry about service, repair and testing. That is all a part of the deal.

  • Shrink-fitting systems for bolts and nuts, steam valves, bearings, hubs, gears, sprocets, impellers, compressor and retaining rings
  • Induction straightening systems for deck and bulkheads
  • Induction brazing systems for electrical motors and generators
  • PWHT (pre- and post weld heat treatment) - pipe welds and structural

Through years of experience on a multitude of projects, we have become a solid and trustworthy supplier of certified equipment packages to power stations, chemical plants, oil and gas processing plants and shipyards.



EFD Induction offers manned equipment rentals tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of your project. Have confidence knowing that EFD Induction will not only provide the industry’s most respected induction heating equipment, but that it will be operated by experienced professionals with all the right tooling and know-how to perform the work efficiently, accurately and safely.



If you have your own personell but are not entirely sure how to approach a new heating project, you can rent one of EFD Induction's experienced supervisors. The supervisor will be on site to ensure that installation procedures etc. are to EFD Induction standard and will make relevant suggestions for your project.


Cannot find what you are looking for?
We can supply custom purpose-built equipment for hire. Ask us! Our experienced staff will find the perfect solution for you.





Induction heating - bolt expansion

An EFD Induction Minac 25/40 Twin heating bolts on a steam turbine.

Induction heating at oil processing plants

Induction heating is a time- and labour-saving alternative to ineffecient flame and resistance heating for oil and gas processing plants, chemical plants and power stations.

Induction heating - bolt expansion

The use of induction heating for bolt expansion in power stations is a powerful business tool.