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Minac mobile induction heating equipment

Minac: Mobile induction heating equipment

The Minac’s mobility and automatic output matching make it a versatile system—an all-in-one-solution, ideal for jobs as diverse as brazing, shrink fitting, hardening, curing, straightening, etc.

Mobile, flexible and easy to use

  • Mobile: You can move your Minac around a workshop or factory floor. It can easily be loaded into a car and transported to work sites.
  • Flexible:  It can be fitted with a practically limitless range of coil designs and coil fixtures, flexible cables, closed or separate cooling systems, specially designed heating cables, etc.
  • Simple to operate:  Handheld transformers (HHT) feature on/off and precise power controls. In fact, the HHT is as easy to operate as a regular electric drill. Flexible, water-cooled cables connecting the HHT to the converter allow easy access to workpieces.
  • Twin power outputs: Many models come in a Twin version, featuring two independent power outputs that can operate simultaneously.
  • Complete range: Minacs are available with maximum intermittent output power of 10-220 kW (6-140 kW continuous) and a frequency range of 10-280 kHz. Higher-frequency Minacs—which combine high frequencies with small coils—are ideal for heating small, delicate and complex workpieces.
  • Improved quality: The Minac’s microcontroller feature lets you pre-set heating cycles with ramp-up and dwell times. Precise repeatability of heating cycles is assured.
  • Robot compatible: Minac can be adapted to any robot, allowing quick, no-fuss integration into automated production lines. The HHT can easily be mounted on a robot arm.
  • Maximum output power: With Minac’s maximum power feature you can, for limited periods of time, operate with an output power far in excess of the continuous output power.

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Minac - Mobile induction heating equipment
Minac - Mobile induction heating equipment

Minacs heat practically any electrically conductive material: copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, etc.

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Induction brazing

Learn about the potential and benefits of induction brazing - a technology with many advantages over traditional flame-heating.

Shrink fitting

EFD Induction systems are used in the automotive industry to shrink fit gears and rings. They are also employed to repair planes, trains and trucks. Our mobile systems are used for shrink-fitting tasks on offshore platforms. And are increasingly used to remove the giant nuts and bolts in power stations’ turbines.

Aluminium brazing

Brazing aluminium is a demanding task. The reason is the need for exact temperatures. EFD Induction has unrivalled expertise in this application and is the world's leading developer of induction heating solutions for aluminium brazing.

Controlled atmosphere brazing

Brazing in a controlled atmosphere is a flux-free solution being increasingly used.


Induction heating equipment

Minacs heat practically any electrically conductive material. The photo shows a Minac Single type unit.

Minac mobile induction heating equipment

Many Minac models come in a ‘Twin’ version featuring two independent power outputs that can operate simultaneously under identical or different parameters.

Induction heating equipment

The Minac can be fitted with various coils and coil fixtures, flexible cables, closed or separate cooling systems etc.

Hand held transformer, Pistol hand grip

The multipurpose pistol handgrip is especially suitable for induction brazing and boasts several innovative features and benefits:

Minac induction heating system with power cable

Minac with heating cable - frequently used for shrink fitting applications

Minac Induction heating equipment for PWHT

A customized solution built for post weld heat treatment (PWHT) jobs.