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Rotary table induction hardening machines

The parallel loading/hardening capability of our rotary table machines makes them ideal for minimizing cycle times in high-volume production. Throughput rates can be further increased by adding extra stations.
  • High throughput: A unique loading/unloading system means that workpiece enter and exit the machine while another workpiece is being hardened. Also, each rotary table supports a range of workpiece diameters. To switch between diameters, the operator simply changes a workpiece fixture.
  • Lower capital costs: As a single HardLine RT system can handle a spectrum of workpiece dimensions, it reduces your need for dedicated machines.
  • Improved operator productivity: Smart ergonomic design and easy-to-use control interfaces help maximize operator productivity. Changing workpiece fixtures in order to harden differently sized valves is quick and easy.

HardLine Rotary Table (RT) 550
HardLine Rotary Table RT 550

The  HardLine Rotary Table (RT) induction hardening system is specially designed for fast, trouble-free hardening of automotive valves.

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