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HardLine I Induction hardening machines, heat treatment systems

HardLine M : Modular induction hardening machines

The modular HardLine M is a new generation of vertical hardening machines, ideal for a variety of hardening and annealing applications.


EFD Induction is a global leader supplying advanced induction heating systems to many industries worldwide. With more than seventy years of experience in designing and manufacturing induction heating solutions, EFD Induction draws on its extensive expertise with the innovative HardLine M machine series. 

The HardLine M is the latest member in the EFD Induction HardLine product family. Machines in the M-series can be used for a wide range of different workpieces in terms of weight, length and diameter.

The HardLine M is using modules with proven high-quality components – providing maximum flexibility at low cost.


The HardLine M series’ robust construction is designed for long-term operation.
A highlight is the machine control which is based on advanced PLC technology. With clearly arranged functions and detailed monitoring, the operator can always keep an eye on the status of the machine.

Experienced experts from our worldwide service team offer remote analyses of efficiency, productivity and feasibility, as well as computer simulations so that you will always get the best results from your HardLine M machine.  

Swift support with remote diagnosis and intervention in the machine and converter controls minimizes downtime in the event of faults. 

Cost effective

Lower capital investment has been a key issue in the design of the new HardLine M series. Fast scanning speeds, high tolerance positioning, and digital converter tech¬nology ensure short cycle times, and energy efficiency, with low unit costs. 

Easy to maintain
The HardLine M boasts ergonomic design, a well laid out work area, and good accessibility to sensors and actuators such as spindles and NC-motors. There is also easy access to cooling water components such as flow meters, temperature sensors and hoses.

The variety of spare part types required has been significantly reduced, and EFD Induction also ensures less downtime due to good availability of such spare parts.

Customized to your needs

Based on various modules, the HardLine M can be customized for several different hardening and annealing applications.
You can configure the HardLine M machine modules according to your specific needs. EFD Induction offers standard and special designs to enable a wide range of processes. The machines can be supplied with or without tools such as inductors and showers, and a multitude of functions and designs can be added when needed. For example, the machines can be loaded manually for product ramp-up and then automated at a later stage if the volume increases.

The machines can be used for a wide range of different workpieces in terms of weight, length and diameter. In short, the M-Series is an all-rounder. It can be used for heavy workpieces as well as workpieces in small quantities that are simply picked up from the main spindle. A rotary table can be used for larger quantities of workpieces, wherein up to four workpieces can be hardened or annealed at the same time.

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