Fast and flexible induction hardening machine

Horizontal induction hardening machines

With EFD Induction’s unique modular system, we can deliver horizontal pusher-feed, continuous-feed or hybrid machines (pusher and continuous in one framework).

HardLine Hybrid HH 600 


The HardLine Hybrid combines a pusher machine (HP) and a continuous loading machine (HC) into one single machine. The system is modular, so the same machine can be used as HC only, HP only, or have both HC and HP assemblies installed, essentially providing you with two functionalities in the same machine.

The continuous pusher machine can handle workpiece lengths from 50 to 600 millimetres and diameters of 5 to 50 millimetres. Optionally, we can deliver a loading magazine—which can be easily adjusted to suit the workpiece. Rejects are automatically separated and the scrap parts are separated from the main flow. Hand wheels (with or without electronic distance measuring) allow quick and easy change-overs between workpiece groups, a process made even simpler with the new design.

Optionally, the machine can be set up automatically by stepper motors. At the push of a button, the machine can be adapted to a new work piece size, taking just seconds to adjust.

The redesigned machining area door further improves the accessibility, ergonomics and safety of the machine.


HardLine Pusher HP 600 and HP 1200

These high throughput Horizontal Pusher (HP) machines are ideal for plain shafts requiring precise hardening. Standard pusher systems can handle workpieces up to a maximum length of 600 or 1200 millimetres, and diameters of 8 to 50 millimetres. In special cases, workpieces up to 6 metres can be treated.

The HP models are also available with twin pusher feeds that effectively double the throughput. A loading magazine is standard on all basic HP systems. Unloading is via a V-guide, and the  horizontal feed is powered by a CNC controlled servo motor.  Hardened rollers with stainless steel bearings rotate the workpieces. The hardening and quench area is completely enclosed. The central lubrication system is manually operated.


HardLine Continuous  HC 300 and HC 600

With throughput speeds of up to 12 metres per minute, our Horizontal Continuous (HC) hardening systems offer unrivalled productivity, particularly when integrated into production lines. HC systems are available for workpiece lengths of 300 or 600 millimetres, and diameters of 6 to 30 millimetres.

Standard HC machines feature a conveyor belt with inlet and automatic speed control.

The workpieces are rotated by hardened rollers with stainless steel bearings. The hardening and quench area is completely enclosed. Rejects are automatically separated. Hand wheels allow quick and easy changeovers between workpiece groups.

A discharge belt with jam control is also available. This optional feature stops the machine should the workpieces not be able to exit. Once the workpieces can exit again, the feature automatically restarts the machine.


All our horizontal machines are powered by EFD Induction Sinac converters.

HardLine Horizontal heat treatment machines, HardLine Hybrid
HardLine Horizontal heat treatment machines

Introducing the HardLine Hybrid horizontal induction hardening machine. The world’s fastest and most flexible Horizontal hardening machine

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HardLine Centerless Pusher
HardLine Centerless Pusher CP 600

The HardLine Centerless Pusher (CP) is an induction hardening system specially designed for high-volume hardening of plain bars and shafts.

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