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Induction heating for driveline components

EFD Induction lands major hardening orders from ZF

A major technology shift towards electric motor steering systems are key factors behind a series of major orders from ZF.

EFD Induction recently won a significant series of orders for induction hardening  systems from ZF, one of the world’s leading  driveline and chassis technology companies. The first batch of equipment for the orders— which involves systems for hardening automotive  steering components—is currently being built at EFD Induction’s facility in Freiburg, Germany. Tthe order underlines ZF’s confidence in EFD Induction’s technical and manufacturing  capabilities. Only companies that can satisfy  the most stringent quality standards are selected as partners by ZF. After all, ZF is a renowned  innovator whose products appear in everything from the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta to Audi’s flagship models, from Hyundai earth movers to BMWs and Range Rovers.

The orders also include hardening systems destined for ZF’s North American manufacturing centers. These systems will be built at EFD Induction’s factory in Madison Heights, Michigan. “Customers such as ZF value our worldwide network of factories, workshops and  after-sales backup,We have the resources to support these customers—wherever they are operating.  The past year has seen a marked upswing in orders from the automotive industry for EFD Induction equipment and services. Fortunately, with our manufacturing capacity in North America, Europe and Asia, we’re able to help our automotive partners meet the demand that built up over the past couple of years. Another factor behind the ZF order is a technology shift from hydraulic to electric motor steering technology. The move to electric motor steering poses new hardening challenges. However, as we are the world’s leading induction hardening company, we have the skills and experience to meet them.