induction heating of electric cars

Zero emissions. And it has nothing to do with the battery.

The automotive industry is going through a paradigm shift. New powertrains and materials drive the change towards products designed for a circular economy. As induction heating is far more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than other heating alternatives, the technology is growing in importance.

The automotive revolution

Internal combustion engines and fossil fuels are on the way out. Electrical motors and carbon-free driving are on the way in. The automotive industry is constantly innovating and redefining transportation. Using innovative lightweight materials can improve product lifecycle performance, while ease of manufacturing is critical to competitiveness.Where will it all end? Nobody knows. However, many factors speak for more induction heating within the automotive industry to improve productivity and environmental performance. The technology is accurate, controllable and repeatable. It does not emit carbon dioxide, eliminates naked flames and reduces the need for fuel transport. Our new Minac and Sinac induction heating systems also have digital control systems prepared for Industry 4.0.

Inducttion heating of electric cars
Many factors speak for more induction heating within the automotive industry to improve productivity and environmental performance.

A technology for the future

Induction heating is far from new in the automotive industry. EFD Induction has been a trusted supplier in this sector for more than 70 years. Together with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and their suppliers, we have made car production cleaner, safer and more efficient. Today, induction is used for bonding, brazing and hardening of components. Everything from body panels, crankshafts and gears to generators, torsion bars and valves.  Still, the journey has just begun. In the emerging era of electromobility, induction heating can be used for electrotechnical applications in the new type of drivelines. The bonding of battery cell casings is one example. It is also an excellent choice for new kinds of material, such as curing the adhesives in composite-to-metal and carbon fibre-to-carbon fibre joints.

Amazing bandwidth

We offer a wide range of heating equipment – stationary and mobile, customized and standard – along with expert advice, operational support services and induction coil services. Wherever you have a need for industrial heating, we can support you. All over the world. As part of the automotive industry, your company is on an exciting journey. Do you want some inspiration on how induction heating can help you reach the next destination more quickly? We can give you real-life examples where induction contributes to more efficient and sustainable heating processes. Even long-time customers usually find these sessions interesting, as they discover new areas where induction heating can add value.

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