Induction heating of wind power turbines
Adding a fresh wind to clean, green energy—EFD Induction at work treating wind-power turbines.

Winds of change

Delivery of three EFD Induction Minac induction converters to Spain’s two main manufacturers of wind-power turbines.

Cantarey Reinosa S.A., a member of the Gamesa Eólica Group, one of the world’s leading wind turbine makers, took delivery of a Minac 18/25 and a Minac 25/40. The converters, which were successfully installed at Cantarey Reinosa’s facility earlier this year, are being used to braze rotor windings and stators for turbines capable of producing 1.5 to 2 MW. The other delivery, of a Minac 50/80, was to M. Torres Diseños Industriales S.A., a major specialist engineering company based in Navarre, northeast Spain. The Minac 50/80 was installed in October, and is used to braze components for 3- MW wind turbines.

Says Oscar Escolar of EFD Induction Spain: “We’re always proud to deliver our solutions. But we’re extra proud to be partners for these two major companies, both of which have outstanding international reputations for quality and innovation.”