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Induction heating of towel rails

Vouge towel rails

They adorn exclusive hotels. They feature in stylish homes. They hang out at posh gyms.

No, we’re not talking about pop stars. Instead, it’s the range of heated towel rails, shower curtain rails, basin support stands and column radiators made by Vogue UK.

Facing growing demand for their products, Vogue had to figure out a way to speed up production… without in any way compromising the high quality that is the bedrock of their success.

EFD Induction's challenge was to provide Vogue with an alternative to gas and hand torches for brazing applications. The solution was the EFD Induction Minac 12/18 mobile converter. The first converter was delivered together with a selection of coils designed to suit Vogue’s components.

The order reflects the fact that Minac delivers the promised benefits. The customer was able to increase production because, compared to gas torches, induction heating is quick and controllable. Minac’s software lets the operator install the desired heat pattern. Ramp-up times, power delivery, dwell times—they can all be pre-set. This of course means fast and accurate repeatability.”