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Virtual Experience: Step inside and explore!

Would you like to have a closer look at some of the EFD Induction equipment, but don’t have time to travel to an exhibition or a showroom? No problem! Just step inside our Virtual Experience that allows you to explore the machines, applications and services from the comfort of your own office chair.

“This is the new and sustainable way of looking at what you may want to invest in”, says Sarah Kromer, who has been coordinating the work with EFD Induction’s innovative virtual showroom. “There is no need to travel”, she says. “Our Virtual Experience can be accessed at anytime from anywhere, so it saves you both working hours and travel costs.”

EFD Induction, which is one of the world’s top providers of induction heating solutions, is now on the verge of becoming even bigger. The company is in the process of joining forces with the German induction charging experts IPT Technology to become Evolgy.

“The merger will add to our already substantial portfolio of products and services and allow us to serve our clients even better”, Kromer says. “The Virtual Experience is another offer we present to our customers to make life easier for them.”

Virtual showrooms have been dubbed the product presentation of the future, but what exactly is it?

“In short, it is an interactive and engaging digital space where you can view realistic 3D renderings and 360° views of our product range, applications and services”, Kromer says. “The user interface is really simple. You have full control and can easily navigate through the different spaces by simply clicking on icons or selecting objects.”

In the Virtual Experience customers can try out various configurations of equipment which is a very practical orientation aid to help them make a selection and a potential purchase decision.

“EFD Induction products are very complex, and to be able to see them like this can actually sometimes be even better than seeing them in real life”, Kromer thinks. “Just take our HardLine M modular hardening machine for example. It’s a huge piece of equipment that if you had it in front of you, you could look at and operate, but it is difficult to imagine the configurations available. In the virtual showroom you can see it from all perspectives. With a few simple mouse-clicks you can configure the modules to build a machine perfectly suited to a particular workpiece. Let’s say you want to add a rotary table, for example. In real life that would take hours, in the virtual showroom it can be done in an instant.”

The Virtual Experience also shows in which industries induction heat treatment can be used and how, leading viewers to discover new and innovative ways to utilize induction technology.

“The possibilities for using induction solutions in industrial applications are nearly endless”, Kromer says, also keen to highlight the various services on display in the showroom. “It’s not just this sort of presentation we can do remotely now”, she points out. “Our equipment is fitted with fully digital control systems ready for Industry 4.0, which means we can perform services or even commissioning from a remote location. That translates to actual savings for our customers, plus it is a huge environmental advantage, of course.”

“The Covid-19 pandemic really showed us how important it is to have such digital opportunities”, she continues. “With all the cancelled trade fairs and travel restrictions, the adaption of remote services and digital solutions really accelerated.”

Even in normal times, you don’t always have easy access to exhibitions or showrooms, and with the added financial and environmental benefits, virtual solutions are more than likely here to stay.

The Virtual Experience can be accessed from The showroom lobby and certain areas are open for everyone, whereas the inner workings of the machines have restricted access.

“Just contact an EFD Induction representative and we’ll invite you in”, Kromer smiles. “We’ll give you a guided tour and make sure you will get to see everything you wish.”

Sarah Kromer

WELCOME TO THE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE: Sarah Kromer at EFD Induction invites you to come explore their new virtual showroom.