Induction heating for a clean and green future

To combat global warming, we suggest a lot more intense heat

Solar panels. Giant wind turbines. Electric cars, buses and trains. Amid the alarming newspaper headlines it’s easy to forget that technology is actually fighting back against global warming. A crucial weapon in that fight is induction heating.

Induction heating of windmills

Consider, for instance, our role in using induction heating to make and repair modern windmills. In fact, one of our patented solutions is designed to harden the giant slewing rings in such windmills’ turbines. Our mobile induction heaters are used for on-site windmill repairs. They are frequenctly used for the brazing of rotors, turbine tips, stators transformers  and generators. 

The world’s leading wind turbine makers use EFD Induction equipment to braze rotor windings and stators for turbines. 


Induction heating is used for many key tasks in the production of electric cars

Then there are automobiles. For years, EFD Induction has been a trusted supplier of induction heating solutions to numerous automakers around the world. We also work with many tier-one suppliers and sub-contractors. Induction heating is used within a variety of fields in the production of electric cars.

  • Shrink-fitting of housing, shaft, retaining rings, bearings, gear wheels and impellers
  • Varnish curing
  • Magnet bonding
  • Epoxy curing
  • Connector ends coating removal
  • Brazing of conductors
  • Short-circuit ring brazing of rotor
  • Hardening of shafts
  • Die hardening of press dies, cutting dies and hemming tools
  • Brazing aluminum parts for air-conditioning systems, for example evaporator and condenser connections (tube-to-tube, tube-to-block, tube-to-tank)
  • Bonding doors, hoods, trunks, fenders and rear-view mirrors
  • Straightening of steel chassis
Induction heating for electrical motors 

Fast, accurate and controllable. Induction is ideal for  electric cars. 

We are also busy making giant coils for production of silicone ingots to the solar energy industry, and our solutions are used for brazing of cooling plates in batteries needed to power electric cars and store energy from solar panels and wind turbines.