EFD Induction becomes ENRX on March 27th.

Eco-friendly high-frequency induction welding

The sustainable choice

The highly efficient Compact Weldac sets you up for a green and profitable future.
Morten Lavergren

Induction has always been an eco-friendly alternative to traditional and more polluting heating methods. EFD Induction is dedicated to protecting the environment and fighting climate change and are actively working for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“In particular, we have chosen to focus on the four goals that are most relevant to our business and where we can contribute the most to ensure rational production and minimal pollution,” says Section Manager for in-line systems, Morten Lavergren.

These are: Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth; Goal 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production, and finally Goal 13 - Climate action.


Green opportunities

The energy transition from fossil-based energy production to renewable energy sources will continue to increase in importance as investors prioritize environmental, social and governance factors. In the tube and pipe industry, companies also experience demands from their customers to prove that their products are manufactured and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way.

Doing good business in a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy can be a challenge but it also opens up new possibilities to succeed on the so-called triple bottom line: The people, the planet and the profit. Nevertheless, regulations and altruism can only get us so far, for companies to stay in business green choices have to be profitable.

The launch of EFD Induction’s new Compact Weldac tube welder resulted in considerable environmental improvements and significantly reduced running costs with raised efficiency, reduced material usage, improved output power and less cooling water requirements – making it the obvious choice for companies that wish to lower their environmental impact whilst making a healthy profit at the same time.

“Reducing the use of energy and greenhouse gas emissions while cutting operation costs allow for sustainable and profitable production,” says Morten Lavergren, “and the compact, robust and highly efficient Compact Weldac contributes to less waste, less pollution and lower consumption of both energy and resources. There are considerable savings to be had from that!”


Sales success

Since the new Compact Weldac was introduced to the market last year, it has been a resounding success, in no small way due to its green profile, Morten Lavergren thinks.

“I am very pleased to see that so many tube and pipe producers realise the environmental benefits that the Compact Weldac has to offer,” he says. “Through our expertise and technology, EFD Induction aims to be a partner who can assist and advise our customers on how to manufacture and maintain metal products in a clean and green way , and with our new Compact Weldac we are raising the climate action of the tube and pipe industry to new heights.”


Fast delivery and high uptime

Predictive and remote servicing enabled by the new fully digital control system does not only lead to a longer lifetime for the machines, it also reduces expensive downtime and the need for service visits.

“However, if you do experience a problem with your existing line or you find that the maintenance costs are just getting too high, EFD Induction will always be there to help,” Morten Lavergren assures. “We are able to deliver a new machine at very short notice. Actually, we’ve got a new welder in stock,” he smiles.