Gram refrigeration units

The right heat to keep cool

Storing temperature sensitive items such as medicines or vaccines requires correct and stable temperatures in cabinets optimised for this exact purpose. To safeguard the top quality of their high-performance refrigerator and freezer equipment, Gram Commercial in Denmark has invested in an EFD Induction Minac system for their critical brazing jobs.
Brazing of copperjoint

Gram Commercial A/S has come a long way since 1901 when founder Hans Gram first built a small workshop from which he offered cooling equipment to the local dairy farmers. Today, the company employs more than 200 specialists producing refrigeration solutions for the professional market, and enjoys a long-standing reputation for providing reliable, high performance products. Gram Commercial is now a part of Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd., a Japanese company with a leading position worldwide within professional kitchen and food service products.

Minac in Gram workshop

In 2006, Gram established BioLine which caters to laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other industries where specifications for temperature sensitive items are at the their absolute highest. In the competitive commercial world of bioscience, there’s an intense focus on controlled storage of the biomaterials that are crucial to success. High-performance refrigeration and freezer equipment are therefore essential for keeping sensitive, delicate material within meticulously controlled storage parameters.

To ensure their cabinets and systems are supremely reliable, Gram Commercial designs the BioLine range with all the mission-critical components and systems to exceptional specifications, and with every detail super-optimised to tackle the exceptional demands of discerning bioscience customers. This obviously requires top quality manufacturing equipment, and in 2020 Gram decided to up their game even higher when they invested in an EFD Induction Minac induction heater for brazing compressor connections.

“Our Minac is simply ideal for this kind of work”, says local Sales Manager Allan Klostergaard. “Since induction heating is so precisely accurate and controllable, you get strong, leak-proof and corrosion-resistant joints.”

Jarle Christensen at Gram CommercialThe Minac is now used manually in a production line and has replaced the traditional gas and flame method for brazing joints.

“Induction brazing is a new technology for us, but we’ll never look back”, says Jarl Christensen at Gram Commercial. “We are pleased to report that the Minac has significantly reduced the number of flaws and helped us achieve the high quality our customers rely on. Besides, it works a lot faster and is safer to use for our staff.”

“Brazing is not the only use of induction heating in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment,” Allan Klostergaard points out. “It is also used for hardening of compressor parts, shrink fitting and bonding of fridge bodies as well as paint curing and tube welding.”




Allan Klostergaard

EASY AND FLEXIBLE EQUIPMENT: Sales Manager Allan Klostergaard is always ready to load a Minac into the back of his car and visit companies that would like to see induction heating in action.