Boosting effiency in solid state welders
RELIABLE: “The EFD Induction tube welders are known for their ­reliability and energy efficiency,” says Sales Manager Peter Bond.

Tata Steel invests in EFD Induction Weldacs across European plants

The excellent reliability, efficiency and robustness of the EFD Induction Weldacs make these solid-state tube welders a solid investment indeed.
“You can always trust our Weldacs to perform,” says, Peter Bond. The Sales Manager responsible for the Tata Steel Europe account is very pleased that the company has chosen to invest in yet another Weldac.

Tata Steel is a world leading producer of one of the broadest ranges of welded tube from any steel manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. Today, they supply the construction, conveyance and pressure, energy, automotive and engineering and precision tube markets.

The company operates five European tube and pipe manufacturing facilities. Two located in the UK and three in the Netherlands.

“EFD Induction’s relationship with Tata Steel has been long and fruitful,” says Peter Bond. “We work well together, since sustainability is a core principle of both organisations along with a strong focus for managing business in a responsible way whilst taking care of ­employees and the environment.

“It’s getting on for 20 years now since Tata Steel invested in its first high frequency induction Weldac, which is still going strong by the way,” he points out. “It has been upgraded with new up-to-date power inverter modules and an increased power output.”

This 750kW Weldac was for the 6” stretch reducing mill located at the Corby plant in the UK. It was installed on a mill producing ‘mother tube’ hollows directly fed to a stretch reducing process. Typical welded diameters are from 139,7mm to 190mm and wall thickness up to 10mm.
After realising the significant reliability and efficiency benefits of the EFD induction Weldac system, Tata Steel invested in four more Weldac units over the next decade – three for the Corby Plant and one for Hartlepool where Tata Steel’s 20-inch mill is located.
This 1500kW welder was installed in the summer of 2012 and has since operated regularly on three-shift operation, producing heavy wall line pipes up to 508mm x 16mm and hollow sections up to 400mm x 400mm x 12.7mm wall thickness.
A further 1000kW unit was installed in Corby in October 2017, replacing an old valve generator on another stretch reducing mill producing 168,3mm x 8,0mm.
After the success of the Corby installations, as well as a 300kW unit installed at the parent company Tata Steel Ltd in Jamshedpur, India, Tata Steel installed its first EFD induction Weldac in the Netherlands at their Zwijndrecht plant in December 2015. This 500kW Weldac produces tubes for automotive and precision applications in many different complex steel grades.
Following the Zwijndrecht installation, the Tata Steel Oosterhout plant installed a new Weldac on one of its Contiflo mills. This latest welder is a 350kW machine supplied with the option of a simple upgrade on site to 550kW in the future, if required.
“All of the Weldacs supplied to Tata Steel offer the same enhanced benefits,” says Peter Bond, “Like highest efficiency, five-year warranty on power modules, constant high-power factor and short circuit proof operation. In addition, the ability of the Weldac to run through coil short circuits and flashovers save customers thousands in lost production and scrap.”