EFD Induction becomes ENRX on March 27th.

Successful pre-acceptance test of new HardLine M hardening machine

“We are very happy with our new HardLine M hardening machine. All in all, the quality and the components, as well as the assembly and commissioning work has been great”, says Mickaël Cornu, Site Manager at TSGO, which is part of the French Groupe ABCM.

TSGO, which is specialising in hardening and surface treatment on equipment for the agricultural and lifting industry is no stranger to EFD Induction’s equipment.

“No, we already have an older hardening machine which we have been very satisfied with”, Mickaël says. “But it was time for renewal, and since we were happy with both the quality and service that EFD Induction have offered us over the years, it wasn’t a difficult decision to buy the new machine from them as well.”

The HardLine M is easy to configure, build and commission. The modular design allows for changes in the setup so that it can be customized to the specific requirements of the customers. The end-result is a very compact, flexible and cost-efficient hardening machine.

This particular machine is designed for workpieces up to 1.700 millimetres in length and has a special door for crane loading. Quenching is done by an industrial cooler and re-cooling system. It is fitted with flexible and compact SIMATIC drive controllers from Siemens and the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) provides unrestricted access to digitalized automation services and helps to future-proof the system.

The HardLine M is powered by one of EFD Induction’s trusted Sinacs. The stationary Sinac induction heating generators are the most advanced and reliable systems on the market and have proved to be very dependable.

The pre-acceptance test, which took place at EFD Induction in Freiburg, went very well. This week, the machine has been set up at the TSGO site in France. Commissioning is underway and the final acceptance test will be at the end of next week.

“It is great to see the new HardLine M set up in our factory”, says Mickaël “Now, we are really looking forward to seeing what it can do for us.”

Preacceptance test at TSGO

From left to right: Matthias Winter, Project Manager EFD Induction, Dan Devaud, IT System Manager, Mickaël Cornu, TSGO Site Manager and Vincent Roth, Sales Manager EFD Induction.