Compact Weldac I Energy Saving Tube Welder

Tube welding: Simple arithmetic

If you’re in the market for a new solid-state tube welder, it will pay off to do the math on the new Compact Weldac.

“Tube and pipe manufacturers who are in the market to replace their vacuum-tube welders with solid-state systems have even more reasons to do so now,” says Global Sales Director of Tube & Pipe at EFD Induction, Peter Runeborg. “With its low investment cost, ease-of-use and remarkable uptime, the new Compact Weldac with SiC technology is well worth considering,” he thinks.

Indeed, the list of benefits runs long: Unparalleled efficiency, better weld quality, increased reliability, easier operation, less power consumption and more production uptime combined with lower running costs and a drastically reduced footprint – it is no wonder we call the new Compact Weldac a small revolution!

Breakthrough development

Fewer and more efficient Silicon Carbide (SiC) transistors in the new high-frequency inverter power modules makes the entire system of the Compact Weldac extremely efficient.

“SiC transistors have been around for some years, but it is only lately we have found ones that have the required quality to meet the high standards of EFD Induction and our demands for required uptime in an application such as tube and pipe welding”, says Runeborg. “These, however, will significantly boost tube-welding output.

Short-circuit proof

The new SiC transistors will run at frequencies up to 500kHz depending on tube size and customer requirements. A major advantage is that they are virtually immune to coil short-circuits, caused, for example, by metal slivers getting caught between the coil and the tube. Whilst this can destroy a MOSFET transistor, SiC transistors are not affected.

In fact, EFD Induction inverter technology is so advanced that it is possible to set the sensitivity for the Weldac to shut down when a short circuit occurs.

A breeze to operate

The Compact Weldac reiterates EFD Induction’s long-standing focus on safe and simple operation.

“We have this near-obsession about making our machinery simple to handle and control,” says Runeborg. “A high-output, industrial power-electronics system like the Compact Weldac is a breeze to operate, with a minimum of manual settings and other operator interferences. Coil changes are done in mere seconds, and the welder adjusts automatically to each tube dimension.”

Strong case

Peter Runeborg predicts that many existing welders using vacuum-tube and MOSFET technology will be replaced by new Compact Weldacs with SiC technology.

“The arithmetic is simple,” he says. “As the worldwide supply dries up, vacuum tubes will become increasingly expensive. They are energy-inefficient and short-lived, and the systems require higher maintenance and are more costly to use. Also, traditional MOSFET technology has the disadvantage of being less reliable when compared to SiC technology, in addition to being less efficient.”

With the new Compact Weldac, the case for solid-state is stronger than ever. Users get all the familiar advantages of traditional IGBT Weldacs. Plus, they get the unparalleled reliability and uptime achieved by our new Compact Weldac, all neatly packed into the world’s most compact single-cabinet solution.