Airbag inflators preheated with induction heating

Preheating saves lives

Testing airbag inflators by preheating them guarantees the stability of this high-pressure safety device.

If you imagine a car crash, you see how an airbag can help prevent serious injuries to a person. You may wonder what this has to do with induction heating, though. Isn’t an airbag basically a nylon balloon?

Certainly, but there are also critical metal components involved. And, for an airbag system to perform perfectly – that is to inflate extremely rapidly and then quickly deflate during a collision – all the components must function properly.

This is where EFD Induction comes in. We have recently sold yet another Sinac heat generator to a major manufacturer in Europe, to test the quality of airbag inflators. 

As the name suggests, the inflators contain a gas which is inflated into the airbag the moment a sensor detects a crash. The actual inflation has a speed of at least 300 km/h, so the gas is under extremely high pressure. To ensure that the inflators will not explode due to increased temperatures or stress, they are preheated to reveal any leakages or weak points which guarantee the stability of the device.

Hopefully our Sinacs will contribute to more lives saved in traffic. However, an airbag can only do so much to keep you safe, so please drive carefully and remember to wear your seatbelt.