Precise induction heating is helping a customer part-heat special roofing pliers.

Precision heating

Roofing pliers are an essential tool when handling and shaping sheet metal for roofs, spouts, gutters, etc

At first glance they look deceptively “low-tech.” But producing the pliers is a complex process. For example, some parts of the pliers have to be heated no less than six times. What makes the heating process challenging is the need for accuracy— only specific areas of the workpiece should be heated to forging temperature. Traditional gas heating fails to deliver the necessary precision. But induction is ideal for the job due to its precise heat delivery. Induction heating is also controllable.


The EFD Induction Minac system used by our pliers customers features a microprocessor control. This assures a steady, stable heating process and the desired heat penetration and distribution. Moreover, with Minac the heating process is repeatable. Ramp-up and dwell times, temperatures, penetration, etc. can be repeated over and over again. The precision, control and repeatability of induction not only assure quality, they also boost productivity. Throughput rates and treatment times are known in advance. Also, induction heating leads to a comfortable, productive working environment. Radiant heat, unlike that produced by gas furnaces, is negligible. Finally, induction heating can be customized to specific needs and conditions. A good example is the customized induction coils we—together with the customer—developed for treating the pliers. Extensive testing resulted in a coil specially designed for this customer’s application. It also resulted in a coil that delivers the best possible quality at the lowest cost.