EFD Induction becomes ENRX on March 27th.

Induction hardening camshaft
EFD Induction package hardening in action. Each coil operates independently and is formed to match a specific coil.

Unwrap the benefits of package hardening

EFD Induction is the world’s no.1 induction hardening company. That’s good news for us. But what’s more important is why?

 One key factor is our proven success at ‘package hardening’—the simultaneous hardening of three closely spaced camshaft

Traditionally, tightly grouped lobes have been difficult and/or slow to harden correctly. The problem is heat transference. When the distance between the lobes is less than 7 mm, heat transfer can easily preheat the next cam to be hardened. Or temper an adjacent cam that has already been treated. But at EFD Induction we’ve perfected a package hardening technique that uses three independent coils to simultaneously heat the inlet, outlet and injector lobes. And since each coil has its own power source, we can adjust individual heating processes to suit each specific lobe.