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New EHE Consumables website for induction welding equipment

EHE Consumables in the US and in Europe have joined forces online. The new common website for their global business provides comprehensive information about their wide range of products.
“At EHE Consumables, we work together globally to develop the best quality products for our industry,” says Sales & Marketing Director Peter Bond. “The launch of our new website allows our

customers around the world to get a broad overview of our wide product range.”

In fact, EHE Consumables offer the industry’s widest range of impeders and induction coils, and is a one-stop-supplier of all high-frequency welding products and consumables, manufacturing coils for all kinds of HF generators, including every well-known industry brand. Should you require a specialized solution, EHE consumables will design a custom product according to your needs.

“We are focused on quality, customer satisfaction and fast delivery,” says Managing Director Wil Johnston. “Our warehouses in the US and Poland hold considerable stocks of impeders, induction coils, ferrite cores, impeder casing materials and scarfing inserts.”

With 35 years of experience and an ISO 9001 certification, EHE Consumables are ideally positioned to offer customers the best solutions available.

"At EHE Consumables, our primary objective is to give you a reason to work with us,” notes Peter Bond. “We only promote and sell products that help you improve your production, reduce
your operating costs and increase your efficiency. For all kinds of consumables for tube and pipe welding, we can bring a dedicated solution to your business.”

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"Our ‘hands on’ approach make EHE Consumables a unique organisation in the industry and we pride ourselves on the fact that our objective is always to form partnerships with our customers," says Sales & Marketing Director Peter Bond.


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