View inside a wind turbine

Making wind power even greener

Have a look at EFD Induction’s latest video to see all the different solutions we offer the wind power industry.
Marketing Manager Karianne Lunde“Our new film gives you a bird’s-eye view of all the solutions EFD Induction supplies to the wind turbine industry”, says Marketing Manager Karianne Lunde. “You’ll be surprised to see just how much we can do!”

In fact, EFD Induction is the world’s leading supplier of heating solutions for the renewable energy sector and provides heat treatment for almost every part of the huge structure that makes up a wind turbine – from the big yaw drives which swivel the nacelle to the actual cable that transports the electricity to the consumers.

As the shift from climate-damaging fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources picks up the pace, demand for safe and efficient wind turbines is rapidly accelerating. 

“Induction is a very fast, safe and energy efficient way to heat metal, with no carbon dioxide emissions”, says Karianne Lunde. “That is why our expertise and technology help make the manufacture and maintenance of turbines an even greener process.”

“At EFD Induction, we are all really proud of what we can offer”, she continues. “We are proud of this incredible technology. We are proud of our wide product range and our unique expertise. But most of all, we are proud that we are all working together for clean and green future.”