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Induction welding tube and pipe
A 750kW "Weldac", the largest single-cabinet welder ever produced by EFD Induction.

Major European pipe maker orders 750 kW ‘Weldac’

One of the largest tube and pipe manufacturers in Europe has selected EFD Induction to design, build and install a single-cabinet 750 kW / 200 kHz ‘Weldac’welder.

The welder will weld profiles in various dimensions, as well as tubes up to 160mm diameter, and will be supplied with a customized three-axis positioning table, several part-specific coils, and a specially designed cooling water system—all of which are being built by EFD Induction. The welder features additional chillers and heat exchangers in order to deal with an on-site water supply that reaches close to 40°C in high summer.

The project represents the largest single-cabinet welder ever produced by EFD Induction. It is also distinguished by the degree of collaboration shown by EFD Induction companies worldwide. Impeder clusters and coils, for instance, have been designed and made by Electronic Heating Equipment, an EFD Induction-owned company located in the state of Washington in the northwest USA.

Common for all EFD Induction Weldacs is a no-quibble, five-year warranty on all inverter modules; a guarantee unmatched in the induction welding industry. The Weldac boasts what is likely the most energy efficient operation of any welder in its power / output class.