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Introducing SiC transistors in tube welders
LOWER LOSSES: "Our SiC transistors provides higher efficiency and lower power losses," says Global Sales Director of Tube and Pipe at EFD Induction, Peter Runeborg.

Lower losses with SiC transistors

Whereas some Silicon Carbide transistors are less short circuit resilient, EFD Induction use a type which is just as rugged as IGBTs and provides higher efficiency as well as less energy consumption.

“After extensive research and testing of several different Silicon Carbide transistors, we are very confident that our choice is the best on the market,” says Global Sales Director of Tube and Pipe at EFD Induction, Peter Runeborg.

EFD Induction introduced Silicon Carbide transistor technology already in 2014 and have now began using the high-efficiency SiC inverters in their solid-state tube welders.

SiC inverters have proven to work extremely well for use in high-frequency welders. Currently, there are more than 40 EFD Induction units with SiC inverter technology in operation in Asia, Europe and North America – with power sizes ranging from 25 kW up to an impressive 1850 kW/300kHz.

“The main reason for changing to SiC transistors in power supplies is improved efficiency which means much lower power losses during operation”, says Peter Runeborg, pointing out that this makes the welders even more eco-friendly.

The design of the EFD Induction Weldac with SiC inverter modules always indicates the total efficiency from the mains supply to the welding coil terminal. For a set for one turn coil with standard busbar, the efficiency has been measured to be 92,4 %.

“In fact, during the testing of the transistors, the inverter efficiency was measured at 99,3 % at full output current,” says Peter Runeborg.

EFD Induction has the most comprehensive range of solutions for the tube and pipe industry. The Weldac high-output solid-state welders provides unrivalled efficiency and is a proven solution for welding stainless steel, aluminum, low-carbon steel and high-strength steel. The easy-to-operate, short-circuit-proof, welders come with an unmatched five-year warranty on the inverter modules and driver cards.