Induction brazing of tool tips
KOMET asked EFD Induction to help them switch from gas to induction heating for brazing tool tips to shanks. 40% boost in productivity.

40% boost in productivity. And that’s just the tip of the story.

KOMET Precision Tools of Bangalore, India had an interesting challenge. Could we devise a solution that increased productivity, while simultaneously ensuring even better and more consistent quality?

Quality is critical for KOMET Precision Tools of India. That is because KOMET’s cutting, drilling, boring, and reaming tools are used in extremely demanding applications— and by extremely demanding customers. So we were excited when KOMET asked us to help them switch from gas to induction for brazing tool tips to shanks. Before designing the solution we made every effort to understand KOMET’s needs. EFD Induction staff even flew to Switzerland for discussions with KOMET’s in-house experts. Once we had a clear picture of KOMET’s technical and commercial wants, we got to work. A major concern was accurate temperature control, as tolerances are very narrow when brazing carbide and diamond tips. So we included a pyrometer for precise temperature regulation. Another concern was fast and easy operation. As the new system had to braze workpieces of various dimensions in small batch quantities, we designed a special holding and fastening system that resulted in quick set-ups and coil switchovers.

Hands free

For a power source we chose an EFD Induction Sinac P12. Power is controlled by a foot pedal, which leaves the operator’s hands free to position the tool tip and feed the brazing alloy. We also made sure the operator can easily reach all the process control and adjustment instruments. The solution was installed at KOMET’s plant last summer. And the result? According to KOMET’s S. Chandrashekar, the system has increased brazing productivity by 40 per cent. Moreover, brazing quality is better and more consistent than was possible using gas.