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Induction deck and bulkhead straighetning
Keppel AmFELS will use the EFD Induction heating system to straighten main decks and living quarters on their large offshore drilling units.

US breakthrough for new Terac

EFD Induction recently delivered one of its new generation Terac 25 induction straightening systems to Keppel AmFELS in Brownsville, Texas.

The delivery makes Keppel AmFELS the first purchaser in the Americas of the new Terac 25  system.

Keppel AmFELS will use the EFD Induction Terac to straighten main decks and living quarters on their large offshore drilling units. The company is part of Keppel Offshore and Marine, the world’s leading designer, builder and repairer of mobile offshore rigs, particularly jackups and semisubmersibles.  Commenting on the delivery, Tom Brown of EFD Induction in the US said: “That a customer of the  caliber of Keppel AmFELS chooses a Terac underlines the commercial, safety and environmental benefits of our system. It also proves that the Terac is the proven and established induction-based straightening solution. After all, Keppel AmFELS are famous rig builders—so we succe eded in satisfying their stringent performance demands.”

The EFD Induction Terac 25 is a complete, turnkey deck, bulkhead and side shell straightening system. Its rapid, repeatable, controllable and localized heat has been documented to cut straightening times by as much as 80 per cent compared to flame heating and other traditional methods. The  delivery to Keppel AmFELS also includes an optional handheld attachment for straightening vertical plates such as bulkheads. “A Terac is a powerful business tool that gives shipyards a major competitive advantage,” says Brown. “And what makes the Terac even more attractive is the support offered by EFD Induction’s worldwide  network of factories and  service centers. I’m sure the coming months will see more yards follow the example set by Keppel AmFELS.”