Introducing SiC transistors in tube welders

Introducing SiC transistors

“After comprehensive testing of a range of different types of transistors, EFD Induction is now ready to introduce Silicon Carbide transistors in some of our high frequency, solid-state welders”, says Global Sales Director for Tube and Pipe, Peter Runeborg.
While the well proven IGBT transistor still is the main power transistor with high-current capability – also in the solid-state Weldac system – EFD Induction will be introducing SiC transistors as an alternative in certain welders.
“The testing yielded very promising results, and the Silicon Carbide transistor that we have found to be the best has really proven to work extremely well. Particularly so for use in high frequency welders which are suitable for smaller pipes where impeder size is limited”, says Peter Runeborg. “So, as an alternative to IGBT transistors, we will begin to introduce SiC transistors where we see that they will be of benefit to our customers.”

Global reach – Local presence

As one of the world’s largest induction heating manufacturers, EFD Induction is a global leader in induction heating technology, solutions and application expertise. Their heating solutions are employed throughout many demanding industries where they are renowned for their compactness, productivity, reliability and efficiency – ultimately providing a significant financial advantage.
EFD Induction has the most comprehensive range of solutions for the tube and pipe industry and offer a full range of consumables including coils, ferrite, impeders and tube scarfing equipment.
Weldac is EFD Induction’s family of high-output, solid-state tube and pipe welders. The Weldac family covers a wide range of power sizes; from 50 kW up to 2200 kW and a frequency range of 90-500 kHz.
The Weldac is supported by a global network of EFD Induction factories, workshops and offices. Wherever you are, aftersales service and support is never far away.
“EFD Induction has always been at the forefront in developing equipment with the best power-to-volume ratio. Recently, we introduced the world’s first 1000 kW welder in a single  cabinet solution” says Runeborg. “Actually, we now offer up to 1100 kW in a single cabinet.”